Blueberry Lavender Chamomile SPA brine bar
Blueberry Lavender Chamomile SPA brine bar
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Blueberry Lavender Chamomile SPA brine bar

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This bar is chock full of so much nourishing goodness! We've made it with organic blueberry puree, which adds a mild scrubby texture and rich antioxidants; organic lavender and chamomile tea, known for their soothing and anti-inflammatory properties; unfiltered, raw shea butter, goat milk and purple kaolin clay to deeply moisturize and renew skin; and of course pure sea salt which is thought to add antiseptic, purifying and skin softening effects. 

The soft fragrance enhances the additives, echoing blueberry, lavender and chamomile. Available in two sizes, this bar is sure to make you look forward to handwashing and bathing. The fluffy lather, slight scrubbiness and nourishing ingredients will leave your skin soft and fresh.

Ingredients- Saponified oils of coconut*, argan, shea butter, and castor with pure sea salt, fragrance, blueberry puree*, goat milk powder, Kaolin (white), Kaolin (purple), chamomile flowers*, lavender flowers*, red raspberry leaf*

*indicates organic