Manly Face
Manly Face
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Manly Face

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He's clean cut and sharp dressed out of habit. He's also comfortable in just about any back-country situation you could throw him in. He's a man among men, his personal life is held close to his heart, and you'll never find him giving up what's important. He's your: Manly Face 

This artisan soap reveals bright hues of blue and a ray of pale gold poured through a smooth black base. This upscale fragrance evokes successful and handsome masculinity. It opens with comforting floral, citrus and spice while a deep background of patchouli, cedar and amber add interest. Like all of our soaps in this line, it boasts rich, skin loving oils to refresh and balance his skin. Show him you recognize and value all that he is and does- with a gift of Manly Face. 

Bars are hand cut and weight varies. Average weight: 3.65 oz 

Ingredients: Saponified oils of coconut, palm, hemp, jojoba, shea, castor, and tamanu with fragrance, kaolin clay (white), sodium lactate, mica colorants.