Hawaiian Shirt
Hawaiian Shirt
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Hawaiian Shirt

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He's perpetually calm but somehow always ready for an adventure. He'd just a soon help you move furniture as get to the heart of a mysterious problem. He's multifaceted and straightforward, friendly and faithful- a living example of the old song lyrics, "Make new friends/ But keep the old/ One is silver/ And the other's gold." He's got a: Hawaiian Shirt. 

This artisan soap is inspired by the bright shirt of a popular Hawaii- based television detective, which we watched fade over seasons of wear. It's strong, lingering scent smells like salty ocean spray on sun-warmed dark woods. Like all of our soaps in this line, it boasts rich, skin loving oils to leave his skin fresh and nourished. Show him how much you appreciate him being around for you by giving him a bar of Hawaiian Shirt today.

Bars are hand cut and weight varies. Average weight: 3.8 oz 

Ingredients: Saponified oils of coconut, palm, hemp, jojoba, shea, castor, and tamanu with fragrance, kaolin clay (white), sodium lactate, mica colorants.