Composure Essentials


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He rides through the city, doing what he can to resolve problems while respecting and wielding authority. He's uses advanced technology but doesn't let his ego get inflated because of it. He'll be slow to anger and quick to win your trust. He's: Intelligent. 

This artisan soap depicts the familiar talking car from popular entertainment against a fiery sunset. It's scent is of polished leather and woods, pepper and vanilla. Like all of our soaps in this line, it boasts rich, skin loving oils to treat his skin with a value and respect. Treat your guy to a bar of Intelligent and watch his smile break free today!

Bars are hand cut and weight varies. Average weight 4.70 oz

Ingredients: Saponified oils of coconut, palm, hemp, jojoba, shea, castor, and tamanu with fragrance, kaolin clay (white), sodium lactate, mica colorants.