Crashing Waves SPA Brine Bar
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Crashing Waves SPA Brine Bar

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Sometimes we're striding through the ebb and flow confidently, only to be tumbled by a crashing wave. Rather than letting that feeling of discouragement settle in, we can choose to stand back up, shake off the sea foam, and breathe deep before we get back in stride.

This bar reminds us of those times when, though we feel thrown for a loop, there are many fresh and wonderful things waiting for us when we can regain our composure. Fresh salty lather brings forth a breath of summer fruits and greenery on a base of summer florals and sweet woods. Brine bars are thought to have antiseptic and moisturizing properties, as well as being good for sensitive skin. 

* natural color variations in this bar are caused by unfiltered natural shea butter *

Ingredients: Saponified oils of coconut, almond, shea butter and castor with fragrance, sea salt, kaolin and  mica colorants