Composure Essentials


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He knows his way through the chaparral, is comfortable sleeping under the stars, and can tame the most ornery of critters. He'll make cowboy coffee to share, get your splinters out, and deal honestly with your heart. He's: Rugged. 

This artisan soap depicts the wide-openness that his heart craves and it's scent is of leather, woods, spice and musk. Like all of our soaps in this line, it boasts rich, skin loving oils to treat his hard-working skin with a little tender appreciation. Treat your fella to a bar of Rugged to put some giddy-up in his stride!

Bars are hand cut and weight varies. Average weight 4.0 oz

Ingredients: Saponified oils of coconut, palm, hemp, jojoba, shea, castor, tamanu and avocado with kaolin clay (white), fragrance, sodium lactate, red kaolin clay, mica colorants.